1. Latouth

    Shop ✓ HIGHLY TRUSTED ✓ Latouth Setups | MySQL | XenForo | Multicraft | Pterodactyl | AND MORE!

    Latouth's Setup Shop Welcome to my Setup Shop! I've been working on Linux and Minecraft servers for about 4 years now. In the time I've worked on them, I've worked for about 50 different servers, and about 350 unique plugins. I've installed a variety of control panels, such as Multicraft...
  2. Clock

    Xenforo Designs - Xenforo Setup - Litebans Themes - $15+ only!

    Requirements: A Website Hosting. Meets the requirements for hosting Xenforo. A Logo (This makes your website look more good) A Xenforo Site you like (This will be used as a reference for your website)