1. Tachi

    Custom Whitelist 2.0

    CustomWhitelist is a plugin that allows you to set a custom whitelist message, using color codes and using playernames inside the message. Command to set message in-game. Default message. Plugin also broadcasts to administrators that have permission, when a user joins that isn't...
  2. iTool


    I am looking for beta testers for my server. The beta will be opening at 6 UTC. The temp domain for this server will be I am needing players/people to test out the server and check for bugs/glitches/exploits. All players can opt in to have extra in game perks when the...
  3. CatOld

    Shop ★ Cat's Setups ★ | Affordable, quality, quick!

    Some servers I have done in the past (Please someone order something so I can update these lol)
  4. Xeroid

    Shop XeroidSetups | HIRING BUILDERS AND DEVS |

    -_-XeroidSetups-_- Little info : I have been wanting to do this for a while . This will be only premade setups not like exclusive Setups that people request . My first Setup will be a Factions Setup . I will give the IP out once we complete one setup . I have a bungeecord set up already and...
  5. StrafeZ

    Selling KITPVP|Custom Spawn|Custom Perms|Custom Kits

    Hello everybody, today I present to you a new Pre-made KITPVP server. Below I will list the perks of buying this brand new KITPVP server. Features: Fully Customized Ranks. Fully Customized Featherboard (used on my server, can be configured for yours) Fully customized Kits Fully customized...
  6. C


    Hey, HoroPvP is a new minecraft server needing Staff and Builders The server has opened up in to a Survival PvP server Ask CMastr1 for the application link to apply IP:
  7. Flame

    Beastfactions (Supports 1.7.10 - 1.12)

    Welcome to Beast Factions. On Beast Factions you can expect to find a survival type server with factions. We allow griefing and raiding of all kinds. Also on Beast Factions we have really cheap donor ranks with amazing items in the kits which can be respawned every 36 hours. There is a diversity...
  8. P

    Shop Ape's Server Setups | AUTOMATED | Cheap | Trustworthy

    Skywars: KitPvP: Survival: Bedwars: Coming Soon to store, but I could probably get you a copy if you asked... If you want a Server Setup not listed, CONTACT ME and I will most likely give you one! Every Copy...
  9. xKingAura

    Shop xKingAura | Server Setups

  10. Josh

    My HCF Server

    Hey guys, Today I will be requesting for you guys to upload the trailer. Our server is releasing in about a week, and we're trying to get as much advertisement as possible. If you have over 300+ Subscribers, we can pay you to do so, but we REALLY would appreciate if you uploaded the trailer, and...
  11. S

    Completed √ DiversityCraft (Released 4 Weeks ago) √

    I am currently selling DiversityCraft, a Free-Build minecraft server, everything you will need to know about the server is below. :) Domain: (ip purchased with GoDaddy Spawn: Website: We currently do not have a fully functional website which does...
  12. W

    Small PlayerBase Server

    I am looking for a small playerbase server 8+ player Pm me and we will discuss some things
  13. Josh


    Join my Kits Server HCF Coming soon, In development. :) SOTW For Kits = 2PM EST TMMRW 6/31 ^
  14. Ben

    Selling MiraclePvP 30-60 player base [HQ & Custom]

    MiraclePvP, This Gaming Server has a consistent fan base and a growing one as well. Consists of a Super OP Factions Server, Many features within the server for example Trails for Donators, Daily Key Alls, Custom Tags and Much More! The Server has many people loving our Faction Styled server. The...
  15. Absorber

    VexorusMC Network // KitPvP // 1.7 - 1.8

    (This server will be 1.7, and 1.8. You may join either way. 1.7ing is available, but we will have a straw poll on deciding if we should keep it or not.) Hello! This server will be in BETA mode, and will be released very, very soon. We will be wanting to find many new players, and staff...
  16. Cobraa

    Selling ✦Op Prison Setup ✦Quick✦Easy✦Non-Exclusive✦

    Purchase Here: ✦ OP Prison Hello. Today I will be selling a prison server setup made by me and my friend. This does not include a player base, but is ready to go, and has everything completed. We are only asking for $10 This spawn features a custom spawn and...
  17. RevVs

    Selling ChaosOp Files

    Hello McMart, I am the previous owner of ChaosOP and I have been scammed by the other owner. I am selling the professionally made setup, message me and we can talk prices! I will, however, will not supply the premium plugins which were in there, but the config files that were in there whats...
  18. W

    Completed RealHCF| 1.7.10 +| Not Pay To Win

    This weekend with many unique features. For one it's not pay to win and that's a first I think in Hcf. If you want to learn more watch this.
  19. M

    Server CrazedLegions

    we Are a Factions / smp / Skywars and more server we are looking for more players Ip : Also Youtuber: TheBoostedKing Hope to see you guys around
  20. Z

    SyrupMC Minigames Server Beta 1.8-1.12

    A Small server that is trying to get players. We have been working really hard on it and its been a hard time keeping it up if you would like early access to the server you can get a rank and that will help the server get started and they have awesome perks server ip: discord...