1. Whitlox

    Partner Acquiring Server Partnership Interests

    Greetings fellow MCMart members! My name is Whitlox, and I am truly glad to meet every single one of you! Anyhow, as you can already tell by reading the title of this post, I am here today with the purpose to get in contact with a few potential server partners or even investors. Now, I truly...
  2. M

    ♚ Practice Setup ♚ 1.0

    Hello everyone, this is my PracticePvP Setup which has taken me a little over 3 weeks to make. And I’ve made sure to add as many details and features I could think of. The Price: The Price for this setup is 5 Dollar, i believe this price is more then reasonable. I decided to sell a copy for 5...
  3. S

    Partner DefiancePvP | Minimal Funding

    I am looking for someone who has the desire just as I do to create and run a successful minecraft server and put in the time and effort that I do. I have had many servers in the past, one that was very successful; the other owner actually helped with it though, every time one of my servers have...
  4. S

    Hand-Drawn Minecraft Banner 2018-01-05

    Anyone can use this image on their twitter! There is even space to add logos/ usernames on the top right. Enjoy! - Sketchbug
  5. Pablo

    AntiBot 2.1

    Welcome to AntiBot!! Whats new in 2.0? I have gone and re-written the entire plugin with a new idea in mind. No user interaction required! The plugin has been re-written using UUID Lookup, Connection Throttling, Chat/Command Throttling, Filters and more comparables to detect bots instantly...
  6. AviRules3003

    Selling ⚠️GᗩᖇᒪIᑕᑭᐯᑭ ᑎETᗯOᖇK⚠️ - E᙭ᑕᒪᑌᔕIᐯE - ✅ ᑫᑌᗩIᒪITY ✅

    GarlicPvp Hello MC Mart, today I will be selling the entirety of GarlicPvp Network. Garlic was once a server that peaked at 25 players at launch, and then went down to a solid 5-15. It is known by the community for its perfection, flow and custom addons to the factions game mode. Its also...
  7. G

    $4.99 FACTION SETUP - Custom Terrain - 70+ Custom Enchants - Koths - Envoys - Bosses 1.0

    Making a factions server is hard especially how all the features all the big servers have now days its hard to compete. Well now I have solved your problems! This setup contains features of all the big servers like Saico, TheArchon, Desteria, CosmicPvp. This setup contains custom terrain...
  8. Shane1199

    Shop Shane's Domain Shop | >> NEW INVENTORY & PRICING <<

    The names I've chosen relate to MC, generally servers but also some server lists, hosts, or other services. Keep in mind, with the right domain it can be easy for new players to type out and remember for the future. Catchy names may even just may make players want to join. Once you have a name...
  9. CatOld

    Shop ★ Cat's Setups ★ | Affordable, quality, quick!

    Some servers I have done in the past (Please someone order something so I can update these lol)
  10. Zulfqar

    Co-Owner for a unique server

    Currently looking for a co owner for my server, its factions but with a nice twist, if you're interested pm me for my skype or contact information, i already have the domain and i can show you what I have so far, but just struggling with expenses, I expect the co owner to have the following...
  11. Arcanix

    Completed [PAID] ServerSumo | Looking for Setups, HR, and more! [PAID]

    Hello, today I will be looking for a lot of recruits for a new upcoming server-line under the brand name, "ServerSumo". What is ServerSumo? ServerSumo is a server-line that makes private setups internally and then releases them to the public to play on and to make profit off of the servers...
  12. Lockyex

    Minecraft Server with medium player-base

    Hello! As you can see by the title of this post, I am looking to purchase a Minecraft Server from a server owner that has looked after their server well and ensured they have taken as many precautions to ensure the stable running and leadership of the server. The server can be any type of game...
  13. Jens00

    [Dyecraft] Developer(s) needed.

    Hey my name is Jens and i'm the owner of a small network called dyecraft. We are looking for a developer who can help me in-game with perms and other stuff and later on with things in the vps. Are server is going to be an factions server. You need to be: - 17 or older - Good with java -...