1. Pablo

    SQLiteLib 1.0

    What is SQLiteLib? Many users on spigot have used my tutorial How to: SQLite. I noticed I had a ton of users adding me on Discord looking for help. They found the code too difficult to use or simply didnt understand how it worked. This library is aimed to fix this. SQLiteLib gives the basic...
  2. Latouth

    Shop ✓ HIGHLY TRUSTED ✓ Latouth Setups | MySQL | XenForo | Multicraft | Pterodactyl | AND MORE!

    Latouth's Setup Shop Welcome to my Setup Shop! I've been working on Linux and Minecraft servers for about 4 years now. In the time I've worked on them, I've worked for about 50 different servers, and about 350 unique plugins. I've installed a variety of control panels, such as Multicraft...