minecon 2016

  1. B

    2016 Full Acess Minecon Cape Account

    The account doesn’t have a rank on any sever. However, it’s not banned on any server. This account is a clean slate meaning it’s stats are completely blank. I didn’t want my 2016 minecon cape code to go invalid so I put it on an alt, however as I never use the alt at all I decided I might as...
  2. Dead

    Selling Selling my 2016 cape account - NFA - (bad name history)

    Hello, boiiiiiiis. I am going to sell my ''alt'' because I am not using it anymore, It has a couple of ranks on servers such as Hypixel - VIP (I bought), BlockMania old Gold color donator and more that I don't probably know about. The Email is not changeable mainly because I do not fully own...
  3. xks

    Selling 2016 minecon account

    2016 FA Account username: xks No TID