1. Jdsgames

    Skyblock-Island-001 0.0.1

  2. Jdsgames

    Shop Selling Steam Keys

    I have recently purchased a few humble bundles and got some leftover keys. I am gonna post each game title individually and the price I am selling the key for. All payments must be made through PayPal. All prices are negotiable as I am not going to get much use out of the keys anyway.
  3. Jdsgames

    Choose my pics!

    Hello, everyone I am posting this to have some with you all! I am looking for you to post Avatars and Profile Covers for me to use daily! I will pick ones that are reasonable for me to use to showoff cool users of the community. Have Fun!
  4. Jdsgames

    Alt Coins

    Hey guys! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking to buy the following alt coins Pm me the amount you have to offer and I will give you a rate I am willing to pay...