1. Jdsgames

    Skyblock-Island-001 0.0.1

  2. Geek1243

    Freeze- Like arcane's freeze screen- essential for any server 4.0

    Plugin Info Freeze is a basic freeze plugin that when the proper command is preformed, The targeted rule breaker will be frozen and will receive a message telling them not to move and telling then to join your discord. The message would look like this. Commands /ss (username) - WIll freeze...
  3. BlackMarketDealer

    ⭐Kit Gui 1.0 (Free)⭐ 2018-02-19

    Hello there, I'm going to make this short and simple. This is a GUI for /kit or /kits. Why download this you may ask? It makes your /kit simpler to use and looks dope That's it. Thanks for your time have a good day!
  4. S

    Hand-Drawn Minecraft Banner 2018-01-05

    Anyone can use this image on their twitter! There is even space to add logos/ usernames on the top right. Enjoy! - Sketchbug
  5. Respect

    Shop $1 Purgeon Discord Setups

    Purgeon Setups ——————————— What we offer: Purgeon Setups offer completely costum discord servers that are made how YOU want it. Purgeon Setups will be offering FREE setups for the first 5 customers. Why choose us? While other discord setup company’s say that they will do a custom server, it...
  6. Danger

    Shop Free GFX.

    Hello, My name is Danger // Aaron. I'm 17 years old, and I am going to start a Free GFX Shop (Ish) xD. Some of my work are : After you got your GFX. If you could give me a vouch and a positive reputation It would help me a lot! Thank you! <3 Have a nice day!
  7. Musixiem

    UpBeat Radio - UpBeat Regular - Custom Font!!! 1.0 BETA

    Hey Guys! So this is my very first custom font. I worked in Illustrator and exported using FontForge. This is a great project to work on, because not only is it something new, it's something very reputable for my professional portfolio! You should stay Subscribed to this resource for when it...
  8. Quigster

    Pre-made DeluxeMenu Config 1.12

    This is a pre made DeluxeMenu config that was made for my server, but is now public for free. The menu is setup with UltraCosmetics, Slimefun, essentials (warp and spawn), Towny, mcmmo, autorank, FactionsMap, ChatColor and ShopGUI Plus. This is the menu I use for my server, AetheriusMC! I...
  9. Musixiem

    "UpBeat Radio" Desktop Backgrounds (Multi-Color) 1.0

    Designed by Musixiem UpBeat is created and run by "Jack" Feel free to use these simple designs as your computer background to show support for Don't forget to tune in! UpBeatRadio is a 24/7 radio stream playing the best tunes to keep you "Up" with the "Beats"...
  10. Zetrix Designs


    Hello, I'm doing an intro giveaway, if you'd like to enter, head over to this page: Giveaway ending soon, so enter now!
  11. 1337

    How to get Text 2 Speech for Free

    How to get Text 2 Speech For Free Simple. Follow my video and download my application. The application is fully custom coded by me, really easy to use with clean interface. Video URL: click here. Make sure to Subscribe, Like, Share & Comment. Cya. :rolleyes:
  12. Banned

    Litebans Messages 1.1

    Introduction: Hello, I am MineWoodTurtle. Today, I have configured the litebans messages. Pictures: Ban: Ban Message: Temp Ban: Mute: Temp Mute: Warn: ----TOS---- Once you download the product you can not resell it. Once you download the product you accept the TOS. You...
  13. Banned

    Crates Reloaded Factions *FREE* 1.0

    Introduction: Hello, I am MineWoodTurtle. Today, I have configured a Crate Reloaded. This is for factions server. To list the crates do /crate list. To give set a crate do /crate set (crate name) To give yourself a key do /crate givekey (name) (crate name) (amount) Here are the crates...
  14. MangoKisa

    Free Builders Needed!

    Hello! Im MangoKisa, and currently i have developed a Minecraft Server. The gamemode of the server is Prison. After we see our community growing, i will add more gamemodes. Such as Skyblock, Factions, Creative, etc. If you'd like to build us for free without any payment, we would be really...
  15. C

    Server Core (Edit messages in the source code) 1.4

    Hello! I was really bored, so I coded this in Skript. You can edit any of the messages in the source code. ---------------------- Features: /nick /gamemode (/gmc, /gms, /gamemode c, /gamemode s) /silence (enable/disable) /mute /ban /unban /tp /msg (/m, /w, /message) /r /broadcast /stop...
  16. C

    Server Core (Edit messages in source code)

    Hello! I was really bored, so I coded this in Skript. You can edit any of the messages in the source code. ---------------------- Features: /nick /gamemode (/gmc, /gms, /gamemode c, /gamemode s) /silence (enable/disable) /mute /ban /unban /tp /msg (/m, /w, /message) /r /broadcast /stop...
  17. Novial

    Free NoRain Plugin 1.0

    Very simple plugin; It stops the ability for your server to have rain!
  18. ASAS1NSS

    Minecraft Hub - Tropical (v.1) 2017-06-14

    The perfect hub for a natural/fantasy type of server - big enough for 150 players, recreation houses , enchanting and shop rooms included as well as credits room, high detailed areas and landscapes and lots of eastereggs , plus all interior is done - more at . Skype...