1. Respect

    Shop $1 Purgeon Discord Setups

    Purgeon Setups ——————————— What we offer: Purgeon Setups offer completely costum discord servers that are made how YOU want it. Purgeon Setups will be offering FREE setups for the first 5 customers. Why choose us? While other discord setup company’s say that they will do a custom server, it...
  2. Timber

    [Inactive] Reports to Discord (Sk) 1.2

    Only tested with 1.8 (may work with other versions) NOTE: This is for Spigot, not Bungeecord. Discord Report System: This Skript provides a gui report system that connects between your server and your discord. It works by sending a command as a message, that will then be displayed in any...
  3. Wessel

    A Discord Bot

    I'm wessel and i make discord bots using Discord.JS by Hydrabolt i will make a custom bot for you for only 5 euros!
  4. Wessel

    I like memes.

    Reply if you also like memes :^)