1. Jules

    Requesting Dream Exposure | Hiring Multiple Roles

    Who are we? Dream Exposure is a small team that work together in software development to provide high quality plugins and also Discord bots. We strive to help out our community and want nothing but smooth and seem less interactions. We take pride in the work we produce and also the support that...
  2. VisualTuber

    Offering help with java coding!

    Hello everyone, I am offering help with java/C# coding. Please don't think i am the best at coding though, i am still learning. I can make quite interesting stuff with java and i can code plugins, hacked clients and more! Also ask me if you want a custom Minecraft launcher too. Minecraft...
  3. Wessel

    A Discord Bot

    I'm wessel and i make discord bots using Discord.JS by Hydrabolt i will make a custom bot for you for only 5 euros!
  4. Wessel

    I like memes.

    Reply if you also like memes :^)