1. Pablo

    AntiBot 2.1

    Welcome to AntiBot!! Whats new in 2.0? I have gone and re-written the entire plugin with a new idea in mind. No user interaction required! The plugin has been re-written using UUID Lookup, Connection Throttling, Chat/Command Throttling, Filters and more comparables to detect bots instantly...
  2. M

    NameMc View Botting

    How to buy NameMC Profile views: Send me a message on here or discord Vɪʀᴜs#1468 You will recieve the views between 1-2 hours! ( NO LIMIT ) TOS: I can change the TOS whenever i want! No refunds, there is no way it is not working. By purchasing you understand that it can take up to 30 Minutes to...
  3. Wessel

    A Discord Bot

    I'm wessel and i make discord bots using Discord.JS by Hydrabolt i will make a custom bot for you for only 5 euros!
  4. Wessel

    I like memes.

    Reply if you also like memes :^)