ToDoList 1.4

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ToDoList is a lightweight and easy handled plugin designed to simply view the jobs you add using the commands. I made this plugin to enable new and old server owners list jobs that they need to complete. This plugin helps us stay on track.

To view the node/list you must give the yourself/player the permissions​
todo.use and that's it! No extra permissions and no configuration required!​
There are no dependencies for this plugin!

/todo - Shows the list of tasks added in order.
/todo add (Task) - Add a task to the list.
/todo complete (Number) - Mark a completed task with the selected number.​

Want your name on the list? Leave a 5 star review below with your server name and IP

LinkPVP - @MoreApplesForUs
ClayMC - @ToxienPvP

German Tutorial by @ToxienPvP

You may NOT steal the plugin for any use at all.
You may not redistribute the exact same code used in this plugin as your own as it is against Spigot TOS.

If you have any questions please message me before leaving a bad review!
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