Simple NPC Hub 2017-06-16

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Purchase a hub spawn which was hand crafted by one of my builders. It was created to suit any hub server whether its a large network or a small one! To start off with we have decreased the price for the first ten buyers! Purchase it before it's too late and the price is re-adjusted!

✦ Spawn area
✦ Small PVP Arena
✦ NPC Area
✦ Cheap

By purchasing this spawn you automatically comply with the following guidelines:

I will not fill out a chargeback after the purchase has been made.
I will not ask for a refund after I have payed for the spawn.
I as the (seller) have rights to revoke the spawn if I wish.
I will not re-sell this to anyone else.
I will not re-distribute and claim as if it's my own work.
First release
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